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Having a reliable heat press is essential to your businesses success.  Unreliable heat presses can cause immediate failure of your heat transfer, ruining not only the transfer, but possibly the item that you’re trying to apply to.  Even worse, the failure could show up on your customer’s end.  Most people don’t complain when a product doesn’t meet their expectations, they just won’t order again. 


Quality has been the primary motivator for Hotronix® heat presses since their inception.  Hotronix® was formed out of necessity.  Before Hotronix®, a heat press likely didn’t have even heating across the heating element, resulting in the dreaded cold spot.  It wouldn’t last long.  Service was unavailable.  Hotronix® has fixed all of these issues.  We know a Hotronix® will give you the results you need.  If there ever is an issue that you need help with, Hotronix® provides “Blue Ribbon” technical support, 24/7/365.   


Where to begin?  Our favorite advancement in heat press technology, besides the digital time and temperature, is the magnetic auto open feature on the Hotronix® Auto Clam.  The Auto Open brought the convenience of the automatic release of the Air operated machines to the Clamshell budget.  A feature that used to cost thousands of dollars now costs roughly half as much.  Hotronix® is also the first to offer a touch screen display and selectable and programmable presets.  These features show that Hotronix® has your needs in mind!


Hotronix® makes their presses easy to work with!  Features can be intimidating.  Hotronix® makes sure the user experience is the main consideration when implementing a new feature.  For example, pre-set programs in other industries are hid behind various menus.  The Hotronix® Fusion has them right up front, easily found, and easy to select the preset.  Another example is the Quick Change Lower Platens.  Hotronix® updated the platens from a set of screws that had to be removed to change a platen, to the more efficient pin system. 


What good is a heat press if it doesn’t supply accurate information?  The digital time and temperature on all models ensure accuracy.  Most Hotronix® heat presses also have a digital pressure readout.  In addition to the information the machine will give you, you can also be sure of accurate pressure across the entire press with the patented over-the-center pressure adjustment. 

Hotronix® heat presses are the most reliable heat press machines on the market.  There are more Hotronix® heat presses in the market than any other machine.  They are not the cheapest heat press you’ll find, but they are by far the best value.  Invest in a reliable heat press now with the immediate and future success of your business in mind. 

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