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Creating Sponsorship Banners for Your Customers

Are you offering banners to your customers? Banners made with cut-only adhesive sign vinyl or printed on a large scale printer, such as a Roland Versacamm, are a great way to offer additional value to your customers. Not only do we carry the cut only, adhesive sign vinyl that you could put on the banner for your customers, we also carry the banner material and accessories.

New Pattern Available!

We are excited to tell you about a new fireworks pattern that has just been launched in both SPECTRA® Patterns heat transfer vinyl and the DuraCal Prints adhesive sign vinyl!

Use Adhesive Sign Vinyl to Make Mom Decals

One of the most profitable things you can do with your vinyl cutter is to create and sell ready to apply decals with adhesive vinyl. They require very little time, effort, and material costs but can turn around a pretty penny. We’ll show you how to create mom decals using sign vinyl!

Using Heat Transfer Vinyl to Create Spring Break Tees

Have you been looking for new ways to bring in sales with your vinyl cutter? In an effort to take advantage of the season, we will be using heat transfer vinyl to make spring break tees. Spring break tees can be offered both in your shop, depending on your location, but also sold easily on sites such as Etsy and eBay.

Creating Custom Easter Buckets with DuraCal Prints

Are you looking for ways to broaden your product offerings and even rope in some new customers while you’re at it? Maybe you have enough jobs on your plate to keep you busy, but you still want some quick and easy sales in between. Our solution is to try new materials and think a little outside of the ordinary box that most apparel and sign companies stay confined to.

St. Patrick's Day Options

Holidays are a great time to make some extra cash. St Patrick’s Day is a prime example.  Create custom shirts, hats, bags, and more to take advantage! 

Creating St. Patrick's Day Shirts

Holidays are a great time to make some extra cash. St Patrick’s Day is a prime example. There are tons of people looking for that perfect shirt or garment that sets them apart from the crowd but still screams something “green” and “Irish”. With parades, pub crawls, parties, and other events, you will be able to target one or all of these markets with your vinyl business.

Do You Need a Heat Printing Pillow?
Do You Need a Heat Printing Pillow?

There are quite a few accessories on the market that will truly lend a helping hand when you are using heat transfer vinyl. Heat printing pillows are certainly one of them.

Sheets Now Available!

We’re excited to announce that we now have sheet sizes of two of our most popular materials! The sheets are available in our SPECTRA® Bling (12”x20”) glitter heat transfer material and our SPECTRA® Eco-Film (12”x15”) standard heat transfer material. 

The Importance of Your Cutting Strip

Your vinyl cutter is the most imperative element of your business. Keeping it operating smoothly is obviously crucial…not only to your production, but your sanity if you are the one weeding your designs. An often overlooked consumable part of vinyl cutters is the cutting strip. Our technicians are frequently dishing out direction on when and how to replace them.