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Decorating Mom Shirts

What mom do you know that doesn’t own at least one shirt indicating that she, is in fact, a mom? Not many, right? Take advantage of the mommy t-shirt market!

Using EasyTEAMS® to Save Time on Team Decorating

Have you ever used Cadworx Live online software before? How about the Cadworx EasyTEAMS® tool? If you are creating jerseys for sports teams, it is an extremely useful feature.

How to Get the Bid for Your Local Little League

Have you tackled a sports league uniform job yet? If not, what is holding you back? If it happens to be struggling to land the bid, then we have some tips and techniques for you.

New Mermaid & Seaweed Patterns!

We asked you (our Facebook followers) what patterns you wanted to see next. Well… the votes are in! Out of four patterns, two really hit it out of the park. We are excited to announce that we are launching both of the top voted patterns in heat transfer vinyl and in adhesive sign vinyl!

What Vinyl to Use to Decorate Helments

Making custom decals and graphics for helmets can be a little tricky, but it can certainly make you some extra cash. You can use adhesive sign vinyl to apply to sports helmets, including helmets for baseball, football, hockey, softball, lacrosse, and many other sports. Vinyl decals can also be in demand for other types of helmets and headwear inclusive of construction hard hats, motorcycle helmets, bicycle helmets, ATV and motocross, and even those cute little baby helmets.

How to Store Your Vinyl & Supplies

Are you sick of rummaging for the right vinyl when you need it? Well here’s a solution for you to organize your heat transfer vinyl, adhesive sign vinyl, and even your application tapes and masks. Imprintables carries a vinyl storage rack to help solve your problems.

How to Decorate Tri-Blend Shirts

Have you jumped on the bandwagon with decorating the popular tri-blend shirts yet? If you haven’t ordered any in yet, maybe you should! They aren’t as scary to apply to as you probably have been thinking. Actually, you can more than likely use heat transfer vinyl that you already have in your inventory to heat apply to tri-blend garments.

Decorating Raglans with Siser Easyweed

Raglan tees have definitely caught on as one of the latest trends. Almost everywhere you look you can spot a raglan (baseball style tee) in a crowd of people. Using heat transfer vinyl to decorate these baseball tees is a great way to cash in on this latest fashion statement. 

Who Can I Sell Banners to?

In the sponsorship banner video, Adam talked about banners and how you can offer them to your customers using your vinyl cutter and some adhesive decal vinyl or using a large format printer such as a Roland Versacamm. Now, we want to show you some of the opportunities out there for you. Since not just sports teams need banners, we decided to throw together a list of ways you may be able to bring in some banner sales!

New Pattern Heat Transfer Vinyl & Adhesive Sign Vinyl

With the change of season just around the corner (and a few really warm days to tease us), our graphic designer has had spring colors on the brain. That means we have another new pattern that we just released in both heat transfer pattern vinyl and in adhesive decal sign vinyl!