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The Importance of Your Cutting Strip

Your vinyl cutter is the most imperative element of your business. Keeping it operating smoothly is obviously crucial…not only to your production, but your sanity if you are the one weeding your designs. An often overlooked consumable part of vinyl cutters is the cutting strip. Our technicians are frequently dishing out direction on when and how to replace them. 

Why a Quick Slip is a Must Have Accessory

There are usually a few accessories that you just can’t live without when it comes to making your life and business run more smoothly. In our book, one of those purchase worthy items would be, without a doubt, the Quick Slip Pad Protector.

Do You Need a New Blade?

Have you ever had a really hard time weeding vinyl or seeing your cut lines? Maybe you were in the middle of a job and all of a sudden, its just not weeding. Working with a dull or a chipped blade can not only be frustrating, but can cost you time and money.

Why Now is the Right Time to Buy Equipment
Why Now is the Right Time to Buy Equipment

It’s hard to believe but 2016 is quickly coming to a close, and before we know it 2017 will be here. The new year also brings on good old Tax season. Right now is a perfect time to purchase new equipment or upgrade your existing equipment. If you have profits on your books this year take a look at how much in taxes you are going to be paying on those profits, and look to see what equipment can bring value to your business.

Why Buy a Hotronix®?

Hotronix® heat presses are the most reliable heat press machines on the market.  There are more Hotronix® heat presses in the market than any other machine.  They are not the cheapest heat press you’ll find, but they are by far the best value.  Invest in a reliable heat press now with the immediate and future success of your business in mind. 

You Deserve a Hotronix®

Having a reliable heat press is essential to your businesses success.  Unreliable heat presses can cause immediate failure of your heat transfer, ruining not only the transfer, but possibly the item that you’re trying to apply to.  Even worse, the failure could show up on your customer’s end.  Most people don’t complain when a product doesn’t meet their expectations, they just won’t order again. 

Creating Last Minute Gifts with Scrap Material
Creating Last Minute Gifts with Scrap Material

Have you been throwing away your scrap material? Did you know that you can save your scrap material to use in a smaller cutter such as the GCC i-craft?  It’s perfect to use for small jobs and can come in really handy when you have that last minute gift idea.  With some imagination and creativity, you can create some awesome, personal gifts!

Using DuraPro Paint Mask for Decorating

Looking for a new and creative ways to paint like a pro? Look no more, with Imprintables DuraPro Paint Mask. This is perfect for creating graphics, letters, numbers or intricate designs that require clean cut lines for painting. We had a chance to do some hands on stenciling on Black Friday to help decorate the windows of our cubicles. Who knew working with this material would be so much fun???

Decorating Using Christmas Patterns
Decorating Using Christmas Patterns

SPECTRA® Patterns are a great way to get a one of a kind look on a single layer, cut graphic. We offer a plethora of different stock patterns, which you can also adjust the color to get a specific look that you may be looking for. I’ll be using SPECTRA® Patterns Vintage Stockings to create a one of a kind, full color, ugly Christmas sweater for our upcoming Ugly Christmas Sweater party.

Customizing Cookie Tins as Thank You's
Customizing Cookie Tins as Thank You's

Cookie tins are a yummy way for your business to say thank you.  People are getting creative and offering custom cookie tins for weddings, holidays, business handouts just to name a few. Have you ever thought to offer pre made or custom labels to sell to your customers?  Labels are just another way to make money with your cutter or print and cut system!