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Platens for Pre-2014 Garment Heat Presses

Quickly change platens on the Hotronix Auto Clam, Hover Press™, Draw Press, Air Swinger, and MAXX® Clam heat presses according to what you're decorating. Interchangeable platens allow you  to press to a variety of substrates and achieve an even pressure throughtout your printing area. Use Original heat press platens for machines that carry a pre-2014 born-on date. These platens attach to heat press with bolts and require a wrench for installation.


Prevent uneven pressure around zippers and seams.

Heat Printing Pillows allow you to achieve an even pressure and a clean pressing surface on a variety of substrates. Pillows make it possible to raise your printing area around seams, zippers, and buttons. Choose the right size pillow for your job or purchase a variety pack to have on hand for all the jobs your shop throws your way.

Print Perfect Pads

Elevate your print area for a perfect press every time.

Print Perfect Pads are designed to elevate your print area and provide a solid surface for even pressure. Print Perfect Pads are perfect for use on garments that have buttons or zippers. Print Perfect Pads make pressing on bags, polos, or jackets much simpler.

Cover Sheets

Protect your upper platen and garment.

Reusable cover sheets are designed to protect your upper platen from any vinyl that may stick. Cover sheets are necessary or certain vinyl applications as well as multi color and layering applications. Cover sheets are also used to change the finish of your vinyl and protect garments. 

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