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3 Blow Your Mind, Colorful Things an Oki Printer Can Help You Do

Are you looking for a way to offer full-color designs on shirts, mugs, and other surfaces? The Oki White Toner Printers will give you the ability to print in full color on any color garment. Haven't heard of them? Then you probably haven't been to a recent NBM or ISS show. The Oki Printer is usually the center of attention at our booth.

So what is it? The Oki proColor™ pro920WT (can print sizes up to 11"x17") and the Oki proColor™ C711WT (smaller model handles 8.5"x11" paper) are white toner printers that give you the capability to print full-color designs on a variety of substrates. Unlike many printers, you can avoid the stresses of clogging lines, dried up ink, and cleaning cycles. Maybe those scary factors alone are why you haven't expanded your business by offering full color yet. The upside to the Oki is that it uses a toner (a powder pigment) rather than an ink (a liquid pigment), so there is very little maintenance involved. Not being bothered with upkeep on a piece of equipment is a big time and money saving advantage. Going on vacation? No worries! The Oki will power right up and print perfectly on your return without the need to flush lines or run cleaning cycles.

What can it do? Well, it can allow you to decorate a plethora of things. Printing full color on black shirts without many limitations is a challenge many want to overcome. With no pre-treating, no fabric restrictions, and best of all, no weeding, the Oki printer can help you create full-color graphics on any color garment. Black cotton shirt? No problem. White nylon shirt? Still no worries. How about those Memorial photo tees that are ever popular? You can create full color with no tacky looking white background. Wall plaques with photos and text? Done. Hard surfaces such as metal, wood, glass, ceramic, and magnetic vinyl can be decorated all with the same process.
When you're working with vinyl, distressed fonts or highly detailed designs are typically either "impossible" or avoided- with good reason. The Oki can print extremely detailed designs that you can transfer to garments or hard surfaces without weeding.

I bet you never thought you would offer wedding invitations in your business. Well, maybe you should. The Oki can print directly onto cardstock and paper. It can print beautiful, vividly colored invitations…and even the envelopes. Think of the possibilities! You can offer the bride and groom just about anything that they need to be customized. Of course, that isn't the only thing it could be used for. Menus, promotional flyers and literature, postcards, and so much more can be created using this printer.
With the Oki, there are many opportunities that you can cash in on. I don't know about you, but this is reassuring to me when making an investment in something like a piece of equipment. With all of the products that you can produce with an Oki, you are sure to be getting a return on your investment in no time!

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