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10 Hacks That Save You Time.

We all know that the saying “time is money”. Here are some quick hacks to save you time In your everyday life.

1. Utilize a Calendar

Blocking out time in your calendar is a great start to time management. Utilizing a calendar can be more effective than a traditional to-do list. Studies have shown that people tend to put off doing more difficult tasks and often leaving them undone at the end of the day. When dedicating a block of time to a particular task, it gives you the opportunity to focus on the task at hand – creating a small deadline. This removes the distractions of other tasks because they too will have their own dedicated block of time in your schedule.  Make sure to leave some open time in your calendar to account for interruptions and tasks that may take a bit longer.

2. Organize Your Space

Sometimes this is easier said than done, but an organized space is one very simple way to add time to your day-to-day life. Removing clutter and getting organized means you will spend far less time searching, and far more time doing. 

3. Finish Your Simple Tasks First

Carnegie Mellon psychologist David Creswell has stated that “The mind holds only about seven pieces of information at a time, If you switch to other tasks, those pieces of information get scrambled and need to be relearned.” Switching between small projects can be a big waste of time when you put too many small things on your plate at once. Some tasks can get tossed to the side, never to be completed.

 4. Break Down Complex Tasks

Motivation can only go so far when completing a complex project. You slowly start to lose steam over time. To add fuel to this fire, it’s a good idea to break up your project at hand into smaller tasks to complete over the course of your deadline. It can be beneficial to complete a portion of your task and then return to it with a clear mind at another time. It is refreshing to complete a task, keeping you motivated throughout your work day.

5. Set Up Your Work Day, The Night Before.

Getting your things together the night before will not only help you collect your thoughts for the day ahead, but will also let you relax knowing that your things are laid out waiting for you when you wake up. This can be laying out your clothes for the day, making sure your lunch is packed, or planning out your event calendar for the work day ahead.

 6. Meal Prepping

Meal prepping is not only healthy, but it also saves time and money. Taking a few hours to ensure you have your meals are made for the next few days will remove any time wasted debating on what to eat. This will also give your body the fuel it needs to stay nourished. Feeling hungry can lead to a lack of productivity.

7. Get Your Rest

A good sleep schedule is essential. Always make sure you allow your body to rest when it needs it. Everyone needs a break to recharge and regroup.

8. Remove Distractions

Today we have more distractions than ever before. Make sure you sign out of your social network accounts, or any other applications that give you distracting notifications. This will allow you to focus on your tasks at hand.


9. Outsource When Possible

One way to create time is to outsource your work to someone else. We all do not have the ability to hire a maid when our house needs cleaned, but this is something that can save you time while you work on other tasks.


10. Make Your Outings Count

Do you need to drop a package off at the post office to be delivered? Try adding a few quick errands to and from the post office. Grab some groceries, grab some coffee, put some gas in your car – chain your events together to make the most out of your outing so that it cuts down on multiple trips.


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12/14/2017 2:47 PM
Thank you for these tips.
I have been struggling to keep my momentum going.
This helps a lot.
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